Friday, May 1, 2009

Why Stating A Known Fact About Abortions Is "Deceptive"?

After over a year-long legal battle and a threat of a human rights complaint, this ad has finally been approved by the Advertising Standards Canada; but with a different wording:
Advertising Standards Canada (ASC), a self-regulating body of Canada's advertising industry, ruled last year that these ads were "deceptive," despite evidence from Statistics Canada confirming the truth of the message the ad gives and a ruling from the Supreme Court, which shows that there are no laws against abortion in Canada.

Hamilton Right to Life board member Father Ted Slaman said the group changed the wording of its ads to meet the guidelines set by the ASC.

The ad now reads: "The Human heart begins to beat 21 days after conception. Currently in Canada that heartbeat can be stopped up until birth. No medical reason needed. Abortion. Have we gone too far?"

Fr. Slaman said the ads have been approved by the ASC and that he is hoping for a response from Hamilton Transit.
Still, what was wrong with the previous wording? How could a statement "9 months. The length of time an abortion is allowed in Canada" be "deceptive"? There is no law in Canada which restricts abortions to earlier period of gestation, is there? So why was there a need to change the wording? After all, if Canada's governing elite (all the way to the Governor General) chose to award the highest civic honor to a man who made abortion available through all 9 months of pregnancy, why would an ad which depicts his "achievement" be banned as "deceptive"?

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