Wednesday, May 6, 2009

Anti-Life Bullies Just Won't Leave A Devoted Mother Alone

First they bombarded Myah, the mother of baby Faith Hope with hate mail. (So Myah had to change her e-mail address because of that.) Then (as if that wasn't enough,) one of them is threatening to get the social services involved:
With all the criticism I've gotten about doing too much for Faith, someone actually threatened to call social services on me! Does anyone else find that freakin' hilarious? The reason was because she saw a little video clip of Faith wheezing and thought I was neglecting to treat her. Ummm... are you insane???
Insane it is, indeed. Obviously, no social service worker would accuse a devoted mother like Myah of neglecting her child. But having to go through the process, having to prove to a social worker that you don't neglect your child - that alone could be quite disturbing. Quoting Ezra Levant - "the process is the punishment". Someone of the anti-life gang apparently wants just that. I guess that person is just too disturbed with Myah's choice to let her daughter live and to enjoy every moment together.

P.S. As for the arguments that without consciousness, baby Faith Hope doesn't deserve to live - here's a great article by Suzanne:
Suppose a child is born with part of his brain missing.

How do we measure the child's consciousness is sufficient to grant him legal personhood? How do we make sure that no such child is discriminated against?

It is perfectly plausible that he might be unable to communicate the required level of consciousness, although he possesses it.

And how do we make sure that the criteria for consciousness is only applied to humans, and not apes or (in the future) robots? And how do we make sure that no other categories of human beings are discriminated against?

We have to show that our opponents' concept of humanity is a flawed one, and that the only intellectually sustainable model of the human being is one that makes his identity synonymous with his physical existence.

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