Thursday, May 7, 2009

Video: Abolish The "Human Rights" Commissions

Across Canada, human rights tribunals are being used to silence Canadians and force them to violate their conscience:
So far this appears to be an Ontario-based initiative, targeting Randy Hillier's bid for the provincial PC party leadership. But that could be just the beginning. With our will and effort, Abolish the HRCs website could become a backbone of a Canada-wide campaign against Orwellian tribunals from coast to coast.

Meanwhile, let's make sure we help the right man, one who cares about our rights and freedoms, to win the top job at the PC Party of Ontario. Let's give the Freedom of Speech a strong voice in the Ontario Parliament.

P.S. In case you needed yet another example (out of so many) of how those "human rights" committees treat some Canadians as less equals than others - check out this article: Canadian Human Rights Commission Refuses To Hear Case Of Anti-Catholic Discrimination.

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