Friday, May 29, 2009

At Least There Will Be No "Corren Agreements" In Alberta"... For Now...

Too bad the Wildrose Alliance didn't win any seats in the Alberta legislature, so we don't have a right-wing opposition to the governing PCs. As result, Alberta bill 44, that amends the province's human rights legislation delivers very little to those who support traditional values and freedom of speech.

The latter wasn't even included in the bill. An initiative to rein in the province's "human rights" commissions by amending (if not repealing) Section 3 of the Alberta Human Rights Act, initially proposed by the Minister of Culture and Community Spirit, Lindsay Blackett, was stamped out by the Premier. But even the parental rights clause, one that would ensure that parents could exempt their children from controversial curriculum, wasn't passed in its original form.

Following fierce filibustering from the opposition, the clause ended up being reworded to exclude classroom discussions. So, if a teacher tricks the class into a discussion that (completely unexpectedly) turns into a scene of massive public condemnation of certain "narrow-minded" students - none of those protections will apply.

At the same time, the provisions that enshrine the so called "sexual orientation" in the province's human rights laws, (instead of just leaving it as a court-mandated "read in", as it's been for 11 years or so,) remain intact. With all the commotion over the parental rights clause, it was barely noticeable that, while failing to protect the freedom of expression, the government of Alberta has chosen to give full legitimation to the courts' usurped right to alter laws as they please by "reading in" stuff that shouldn't have been there.

Oh, well, at least with the parental rights clause in, there will be no "Corren agreements" in Alberta. For now. Until unelected and unaccountable activist judges strike down the parental rights clause and "read in" compulsory "social justice" classes that would indoctrinate kids into leftist ideology.

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