Saturday, May 30, 2009

But What If They Are Wrong?

Here's a great essay; and a great question that is always worth asking:
What if you're wrong? We never seem to ask that question any more, do we? Just think of all of the problems we wouldn't have if someone had just taken the time to consider that option.

You see, all wrong action begins with wrong thinking. The prison inmate never thought he'd get caught. The teenage girl never thought she would get pregnant. The business man never expected one trip to the bar would ruin his marriage. Wrong thought leads to wrong action.

Look where this stinkin' thinkin' has gotten us. How have we become so easily bound by the advice of “experts?” I thought Bill O’Reilly was looking out for us.

Un-wed young women abort their babies because:
  • Their parents won't understand.
  • They can't afford a child right now.
  • A baby will mess up their future plans.
  • It is merely a blob of tissue.
  • An abortion won't affect them in the future.
But what if you are wrong?
Separating Christianity from our government is a good thing because:
  • You can't legislate morality.
  • No one should tell another person what is right or wrong.
  • "Under God" means all religions deserve equal exposure.
  • America was not founded as a Christian nation.
  • Muslims and Christians worship the same God.
But what if you are wrong?
It is best for the judges to make the decisions that change America because:
  • We aren’t smart enough to understand what “Congress shall make no law” means.
  • The Constitution is a living breathing document.
  • Spiritual education is harmful to children but sex education is not.
  • They have studied foreign law instead of the outdated US Constitution.
  • They aren’t bound by the “laws of nature” and of “nature’s God.”
But what if they are wrong?
And there are a lot more examples like that. All I can say is - well said!

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