Monday, May 4, 2009

HRC Abuse Of Power - Great Liberal Tradition

That's what unnamed author of the policy resolution believes and, judging from the vote, about 55% of the Liberal convention delegates agree with him:
Convention delegates also approved a resolution to make the Canadian Human Rights Commission accountable to the House of Commons and expand its reach to include discrimination based on citizenship status and socio-economic class.

“We strongly encourage the Liberals to vote in favour of this resolution, which will give legislative strength to the Canadian Human Rights Commission, which is in the great Liberal tradition,” said the delegate introducing the motion.
So, just let those guys into power and homeless squatters will be more equal than property owners; a purse-snatcher (as "socio-economically disadvantaged",) will be more equal than his law-abiding victim and a permanent resident, seeking a DND contract despite being a citizen of a hostile nation, could easily challenge security clearance requirements as "discrimination by citizenship status". If anyone had any illusions about the Libranos vs the HRCs just because Keith Martin, a pro-freedom of speech MP, is a Liberal - well, they can see for themselves now.

Apart from giving more power to freedom-snatching committees, the Liberal convention endorsed carbon tax (Michael Ignatieff has signalled he does support it from now on,) McDaycare (get ready to sustain yet another monstrous institution that will spit at you in return) and, as per recommendation of the Young Radicals Liberals, the convention promised to overturn the policy that disqualifies men who engage in perverse and hazardous sexual activities from becoming organ donors. (Considering the fact that homosexuals comprise over 76% of AIDS cases, that effectively means a choice between dying from organ failure and risking to die from AIDS several years later.)

Yep, that's what a Librano realm would be like. Special interest groups will have their special rights, while traditionalist Christians will be treated as less equals. As for the rest of Canadians - they'll have the right to work harder, to pay more taxes and to be proud of living in a country that does so much to accommodate every single minority group and to satisfy every grievance those groups could only think of.

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