Sunday, May 3, 2009

We Better Stop Calling Those Schools "Public"

Because it's obviously not the public that decides what kind of values should be taught in those schools:
Although Bill 44 enshrines homosexuality into Alberta’s human rights code, it also grants power to parents and legal guardians to pull children from classes when subject matter deals explicitly with religion, sexuality or sexual orientation. Alberta New Democratic Leader Brian Mason maintains the parental rights amendment compromises homosexual rights and weakens the ability of educators to teach evolution and sexual orientation in the classroom.
But wait... Isn't the theory of evolution just that - a theory, that is yet to be proven? If someone prefers to study an alternative theory instead - why shouldn't he be allowed to do so?

Not to mention the so called "sexual orientation": why should that even be taught at school? How come it's believed that those so called "homosexual rights" not only include the right to use taxpayer-funded schools to promote biologically abnormal lifestyles to children, but also entitle socially perverse folks to full attendance, so that nobody escapes the indoctrination?

But don't expect any explanation from the "progressive" crowd. From their prospective, if you don't agree with them - you just don't belong there:
Frank Bruseker, President of the Alberta Teachers’ Association argues parents who disagree with classroom curriculum in the province’s public schools should look at home schooling or faith-based education as alternate options. Bruseker argues: “If parents don’t want that kind of education for their children they have a couple of options. One would be home schooling or private school. So for a public school to start excluding based on religious preference, I think is a mistake.”
Well, thank you very much comrade Bruseker for the advise. And guess what - I agree with you; homeschooling and faith-based schools are much better options for our children than those leftie indoctrination camps which the public schools have become.

But here's the catch: if the new definition of "public" now specifically excludes Conservative / Christian parents, then why should we keep paying taxes to sustain a system of so called "public" education, to which we now officially don't belong? Let alone, why should our tax dollars go towards six-figure paycheck of some self-righteous official who regards us as second class citizens?

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