Thursday, May 21, 2009

NDP MP Wants To Extend "Human Rights" Abuse Even Further

5 years after passing the ill-famous bill C-250, that enshrined so called "sexual orientation" in the "hate crimes" legislation, one NDP MP wants to go even further:
May 20, 2009 ( - On May 15th, NDP MP Bill Siksay of Burnaby-Douglas, BC tabled a private members' bill that would add "gender identity" and "gender expression" as categories protected against discrimination in the Canadian Human Rights Act. The bill also proposes to add these two terms to the Criminal Code to be taken into consideration at sentencing for "hate crimes."
"I believe that enshrining explicit protections for transgender and transsexual people in our human rights legislation and our Criminal Code will go a long way towards full equality and acceptance for transgender and transsexuals people," said Siksay in an NDP press release. "This will ensure that transphobic violence is clearly identified as a hate crime, and judges will be able to determine sentences accordingly."
In other words - if a surgically mutilated man or a man that merely dresses like a woman claims that he is actually a woman and demands access to women's only facilities (bathrooms, showers, exercise rooms etc) - Siksay believes that he has all the rights to do so and that others should endure the hardship to accommodate those implied "rights". Now, if the facility owners (or the women who want some privacy in their showers and changing rooms) refuse to accommodate such a pervert and rightfully force him out - that's "transphobic violence" and those who dared to resist should brace themselves for "hate crime" charges.

Moreover - with the so called "gender identity" and "gender expression" enshrined in the "human rights" act, individuals, businesses and organizations could be charged under subsection 13.1 for merely speaking out against giving those gender-disordered perverts too many privileges at everyone else's expense. Yes, the NDP will force you to be tolerant and non-judgmental...

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