Thursday, May 21, 2009

Next Year - It's 80,000 Marching For Life!

The Ontario Knights of Columbus are stepping up efforts to bring more people to the March for Life next year:
The resolution declares:

"A large impact upon Parliamentarians, the media and individuals is necessary if we are to convince our fickle politicians that yes, we the people want some action taken. The numbers we have now cover about three quarters of Parliament Hill, and we march with banners and signs on the downtown main streets of Ottawa. The major newspapers still ignore the Event. Our only choice is to make this event much larger: We must spill over into the streets of Ottawa with not 8,000 but 80,000."

"THEREFORE BE IT RESOLVED," the resolution concludes, "that to effect the much larger numbers required to get Canada's attention, we must have every District make it a priority, in February each year, to press councils throughout Ontario to partner with their area parishes on this issue."

The Knights have resolved to accomplish the goal of boosting the numbers at the march through several means, including encouraging pastors, CWLs, and KofC members to strongly support the march.

In their most concrete commitment, however, the Knights resolved to subsidize local bus trips to the march as well as bus trips from high schools throughout Ontario.
Hopefully, the Knights from Quebec follow suit and and bring in even more people from their side of the Ottawa river. As for us in New Brunswick - we've just decided that next year we'll get a coach, instead of a school bus. That way we can have a lot more comfortable ride (school bus is a-ok for a 10-20 minute ride, but not for a 2-hour-long trip from Moncton to Fredericton). Plus, a coach seats more people.

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