Saturday, June 13, 2009

Barbara Kay: The Abortion Issue We’re Ignoring

Barbara Kay raises awareness of the medical complications, resulting from abortions - an issue that better not be overlooked:
There’s a third side to the debate that gets short media shrift: emerging knowledge about medical risks surrounding induced abortion (IA). Throughout 40 years of highly publicized ideological squabbling, researchers in the field of human reproduction have been quietly beavering away on mounting epidemiological data around IA and its link to preterm birth (PTB) in a future pregnancy. Recent findings in their research remind us of a “right” generally observed in the breach: the right of women seeking safe abortions to informed consent.
In 2004 emeritus French ob/gyn professor Emile Papiernik co-authored a European human reproduction study, reporting that: i) Women who had one prior IA had 34% higher relative odds of a VPT birth compared to women with no prior IAs; and ii) Women with more than one prior IA had an 82% higher relative odds of a VPT birth.

In 2007 Dr. Greg Alexander of the U. S. Institutes of Medicine (a branch of the National Academy of Sciences) identified a “prior first trimester induced abortion” as an “immutable medical risk factor associated with preterm birth.”
The evidence is plenty - just check out one of many sources. Not only does abortion kill a child, it forever wounds the mother.

Barbra ends her article by asking: "Abortion on demand: empowerment — or bamboozlement — of women?" For those many women traumatized by abortion and for the relatives of those who didn't survive one, this is a rhetorical question.

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