Sunday, June 14, 2009

Open Debate - CHRC Style

Actually, it looks more like two separate interviews. And we should be thankful even for that - because the chief jackboot Jennifer Lynch refused to participate in the talk if Ezra Levant appeared anywhere in the program. Her replacement, Philipp Dufresne, the director and senior councilor of the commission, agreed to tolerate Ezra Levant's presence but only on the condition that he did not have to talk to Ezra Levant. So, Tom Clark interviews Philipp Dufresne first and then it's Ezra's turn. (If the show is no longer available online - leave a comment and I'll post a screen copy on YouTube.)

It's quite interesting to compare the two interviews. And in the end, Ezra mentions something that hasn't got much of the media attention: in the report, there is a recommendation to remove the defense of truth from the criminal code. So, not only CHRC jackboots are trying to keep their power of censorship, they also want to expend the power of censorship of the police. No wonder they don't have the guts to face Ezra Levant in an open debate.

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