Wednesday, June 17, 2009

...But, Of Course, They Are Not The Ones Being Killed

If an unborn child could write a letter - what would he say to all those who prefer to distance themselves from abortion and fetal rights issue, just because they consider it "controversial"?

Great essay by Stephen J. Gray:
“Dear fellow human beings, I know there are some people out there who want to be ‘non-confrontational’ about my fellow little innocents being slaughtered by abortionists. They believe they have a ‘new,’ ‘wise,’ and ‘strategic’ approach to this heinous crime. Their words sound nice and reassuring. But, of course, they are not the ones being killed. Don’t they realize that there is nothing ‘compassionate’ about killing us? And if they are ‘not concerned with the law,’ (there is no law) or any law prohibiting abortion, then they should be. And so, these murderous atrocities perpetrated on we the innocent continue unabated in depraved acts of lawlessness.

“There are some in the judiciary who call the killings ‘terminations’ and advocate that an abortionist should be paid for his bloody slaughter. They even honored this butcher, with his country’s top award, and some even called him a ‘hero.’ Then there are some in the media who are supposedly ‘searching for truth,’ but when it comes to the awful truth of the abortion slaughter they hide the truth with lies like ‘freedom of choice’ to make it look like killing us is acceptable.
One of the pro-aborts' commonly used slogan is "[certain percentage] of the pro-life activists are men, 100% of them will never get pregnant". To that there's a great rebuttal: 100% of the pro-abortion activists have already been born. 100% of them will never be aborted.

Sure, if they keep promoting the culture of death - then some of them could fall victims to euthanasia (among with many of those who just don't have the guts to touch a "controversial" issue,) but that's a different story.

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