Tuesday, June 16, 2009

Chief Jackboot Boycotts Parliamentary Hearings

The Parliamentary hearings into the Canadian Human Rights Commission's censorship powers began today. The Chief Commissioner, Jennifer Lynch, wasn't there:
I understand that Jennifer Lynch has refused to attend -- just like she refused to debate me on television. MPs who would dare to ask her questions are personae non grata to her, just like I am.

Princess Lynch is above answering questions -- it's so dirty. It's for the little people. And, surprise! She's busy on another junket, this one to the annual five-star human rights industry gala, in Montreal. Montreal is just 90 minutes down the highway from Ottawa.
I'm guessing Lynch will send that same useless intern she sent in her place to the CTV debate. I wonder if Lynch will give him the same instructions again -- not to answer questions.
I can understand why Jennifer Lynch wouldn't want to participate in a debate with Ezra Levant. But what's wrong with the multi-partisan Parliamentary hearings? Is she afraid to lose or is it that an unelected Chief Commissioner believes that her office should be immune from criticism; therefore even elected Members of Parliament have no rights to question its censorship powers?

Meanwhile the Chief Jackboot accuses the bloggers of working to "destroy ... investigators and litigators’ reputations and credibility with untrue accusations", twisting the context to portray her organization as a victim of an "unbalanced" debate. Sure, it's those evil bloggers that have dared to commit an unthinkable act of blasphemy by comparing the CHRC to Gestapo. Sure, it has absolutely nothing to do with an organization that not only runs a tribunal where truth is not a defense, but also recommends the government to remove the defense of truth from the criminal code...

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