Friday, June 19, 2009

Liberal Spending Raises Some Questions

First there's Elections Canada with its questions over suspicious campaign expenses which look more like cash transfers to the LPC headquarters:
Elections Canada is scrutinizing almost $800,000 worth of expenses filed by Liberal candidates in last fall's election campaign, The Canadian Press has learned.

The elections watchdog has asked the federal Liberal party to produce detailed invoices and documentation to prove that a mandatory riding services package was actually worth the $2,500 each candidate was required to pay for it.

Until Elections Canada is satisfied the packages aren't really a thinly veiled donation to party headquarters, the candidates won't receive rebates for any of their election expenses, worth a total of about $3.5 million to the cash-hungry party.

"Until that's resolved, then it's holding the process up somewhat," Liberal party national director Rocco Rossi confirmed in an interview Wednesday.
And then there's an issue of the Liberal caucus in the Senate attempting to buy voter tracking software with public funds - in clear violation of the Elections Act. Hmm... I wonder why would unelected Senators ever need a voter tracking software? How many of them actually had to face voters in order to get their seats, let alone - to retain them until they turn 75? Oh, well, let those scandals keep piling up...

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