Saturday, June 20, 2009

Ontario Conservatives, Don't Make The Same Mistake Again!

Yes, I'm talking about the upcoming Ontario PC leadership vote. Remember how it was back then? John Tory won 45% of the electoral votes. His rivals, Jim Flaherty and Frank Klees won 33% and 22% respectively. Had their supporters been united - the disastrous Tory leadership could have been avoided. But... we know what happened. Let's not let it happen again.

Remember - it's a preferential ballot, so you can mark more than one choice; and this time the preferences are quite obvious: We have Randy Hillier with his strong campaign in support of Ontarians' freedom of speech; his position is clear - the province's "human rights" tribunal should be abolished. We have Tim Hudak who shares Randy's position on the Orwellian tribunal. Then there's Frank Klees, who believes that the tribunal could still be reformed. And finally, we have Christine Elliott who supports the Star Chamber as it is.

Randy Hillier is not strictly pro-life, but he's not pro-abortion either. At the very least he supports the right of doctors to refuse to perform abortions. Tim Hudak has received an endorsement from The Catholic Insight. So - if you rank one of them as your first preference - don't forget to rank the other as your second choice. They both deserve it.

Frank Klees - his readiness to compromise on the HRCs and his apparent reluctance to touch "controversial" issues speak against him. But he was endorsed by the CLC, and that puts him ahead of Christine Elliot. So, let's give Frank the third preference. If it happens that both Randy Hillier and Tim Hudak get eliminated after the second count - a pro-life moderate Frank Klees will still be a better choice for the leader of the Ontario PCs than a pro-abortion progressive Christine Elliot.

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