Sunday, June 21, 2009

Lynch Jennifer Lynch And The CHRC In A T-Shirt Slogan Contest

How about an "anti-CHRC" T-Shirt slogan contest? There's one going on right now on the Blazing Cat Fur blog. A few dozens of T-shirt slogans have been submitted so far; here are a few examples:
"I'll debate anyone, anywhere, after they've left the building"
"Freedom of speech? Jennifer Lynch and her mob know where to draw the line, so you don't have to worry..."
"Submit to being Lynched: it's the Canadian way!"
"CHRCs: always ready to Lynch you into 'niceness'"
"Shut up and smile - the CHRCs are watching!"
"CHRC / How the Lynch stole Christmas. (And Canada)"
"CHRC & Jennifer Lynch want to know / Are you Politically Correct?"
If you think you can do better than that - go ahead, add your slogan to the comments and you can win a free (one you don't have to pay for) free (from censorship) T-shirt.

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