Monday, June 1, 2009

Order Of Canada — The Best Ones Are Leaving...

A Cardinal, an astronomer, a pianist... Their requests to be removed from the order of Canada in protest over Morgentaler's appointment, have been approved by the Governor General:
MONTREAL - The Governor General has rubber-stamped a request by the archbishop of Montreal that he be removed from the Order of Canada in protest over Dr. Henry Morgentaler's appointment.

Jean-Claude Cardinal Turcotte returned the prestigious award last September after learning that controversial abortion-rights activist Morgentaler was about to be named to the Order.
Turcotte's resignation, published Sunday in the Canada Gazette, was officially accepted by Gov. Gen. Michaelle Jean in December.

The resignations of two other Order of Canada recipients - astronomer Rene Racine and pianist Jacqueline Richard - were approved by Jean the same day.

Rideau Hall said Monday that Richard, named to the Order in 2001, cited Morgentaler's appointment in her letter of resignation.
Since his appointment, several Order of Canada recipients have returned their medals in protest, including former New Brunswick lieutenant-governor Gilbert Finn, B.C. priest Lucien Larre and members of the charitable group the Madonna House, who returned the medal of their deceased founder, Catherine Doherty.

In December, two members of the Missionary Oblates of Mary Immaculate - Father Anthony Sylla of Edmonton and Father Michael Smith of Toronto - also gave back their awards.
So, most of those resignations are now official. With the best ones leaving - what will be left of the Order of Canada?

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