Wednesday, June 3, 2009

Why Do We Vote Conservative?

Hunter from Climbing Out Of The Dark blog, outlines his reasons to vote Conservative:
Liberal values; suck up to terrorists, special interest groups and immigrants. Hire immigrants to shine your shoes, and demand your entitlements. Support swingers clubs because that is so "now". Reject religion because you are too smart to be taken in by it, but global warming is real because Gore created a movie about it.

Why do you vote Conservative? What do you want to see if the Conservatives ever get a majority and don't have to cater to the leftist voters?

I have my priorities; get rid of the CWB and CBC, reduce the power of racists unions, allow income splitting for families, spend more on the disabled and seniors, and quit banning everything.
Not sure if we can get even that. Even now, when the government considers selling some of the assets to prevent sharp increase in interest-bearing debt, I doubt they'd go ahead and fully privatize the CBC.

So what's left then? Not much, except the reason to vote against, rather than to vote for. Conservatives aren't perfect, but the remaining major parties are far worse, at least from the social prospective.

I don't want the Federal government once again to start pressuring New Brunswick to pay for abortions on demand, performed in the private clinics. Not to mention Paul Martin's idea to enshrine abortions in the Charter. I don't want the government to raise taxes so it could waste even more money on ideologically-driven spending programs ("Human rights" commissions, CBC, SOW, film tax credit for porn movies, meaningless "art", foreign aid, you name it!) I don't want more affirmative actions, I don't want more gun control (yet lax laws on crime and drugs,) I don't want any more "commitments to the world" that would drive Canada into another man-made recession in a pathetic attempt to avert Sun-made climatic trends. So I have no choice but to vote Conservative.

A year ago I'd say - let's go by the candidates; let's support those Conservative candidates who actually adhere to Conservative values and run our own candidates (Independents or CHP) in those ridings where a Conservative candidate is actually a Liberal running under the Conservative banner. Now, when anything less than a majority means Liberal/NDP coalition, supported by the Bloc, I'm not sure if we could do even that...

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