Thursday, June 4, 2009

Revoking Custody Because Of Parents' Views Sets A Troubling Precedent

As usually, they start with the lone radicals, whom most of us condemn for their extremist views. But today it's the racist parents (those are the easy target) and tomorrow?...
Parents in public schools already have little choice but for their children to be indoctrinated in pseudo-Marxist, multicultural utopian hogwash. But for now, they at least have the possibility of undoing some of that damage within the home. The potential seizure of children for a lack of intellectual and philosophical compatibility with mass promoted multicultural dogma (and not genuine health and safety issues) is a horrifying and troubling precedent.
How comfortable are any Canadian parents with the idea that comments they have made, no matter how odious, on a web site, could be used as a weapon against them in the state’s tool box for ‘child protection’? Today, it is ‘racist’ comments that have allegedly warranted the seizure of children from their parents. Tomorrow, it could be bad jokes, one’s children being overweight, parents being smokers, or having other political views that are considered by the righteous left as unpalatable (hello rightwingers, “neo-cons”, Jewish and Christian Zionists, and other assorted mainstream heterosexuals out there). How about recycling? What if parents refuse to inculcate their children with acceptable Gaia-based orthodoxy? What then?
Sounds more and more like the Soviet Union, when parents had to hide their views from their little children, because if a child accidentally repeated some of the politically incorrect stuff at his daycare - that could spell big troubles for the parents. Is that what we want to have here in Canada?


Julie Culshaw said...

I agree it is very troubling.
As you say, it begins with the extreme example of these parents with Nazi ideology. The problem is how to handle a situation like that? It reminds me of the cult in Texas where all the children were removed from their mothers while the investigation was ongoing. Always the children are the victims.

Leonard said...

>>It reminds me of the cult in Texas where all the children were removed from their mothers while the investigation was ongoing. Always the children are the victims.<<
If I'm not mistaken - in that case there was a reason to believe that the children could be forced into early marriage or other kind of involuntary sexual relations, so removing them for the duration of the investigation was justified.

But in this case, the kids weren't in any danger; it's just that a social worker didn't like the views which the parents were trying to pass on to their kids, so he ordered the kids to be removed to the foster care.

And that is a dangerous precedent. Because, today we're cracking down on racist parents; tomorrow it could be common sense parents (not necessarily Christians) who just don't want their kids to be misled into believing that homosexuality (or other perverse or promiscuous behavior alike) is normal; or it cold be someone who doesn't believe that every white man (including those who immigrated from Eastern Europe just days ago) is personally responsible for pushing the natives off their lands. And once those guys are dealt with - who's going to be next?