Saturday, August 8, 2009

And Then They Tell Us That Abortions Are Safe

A simple requirement for abortion facilities to have an operating room is enough to drive an abortuary out of business:
Quebec's new Law 34 requires clinics to have an operating room to do abortions. The Clinique l'Alternative considers this change too onerous and will not renew its contract with the government to do abortions.

The abortion clinics are negotiating with the government to make modifications favorable to their trade. But even if these negotiations are successful, the clinic will not come back on its decision.
Hmm... I wonder why do they think their facilities should be exempt from regulations that apply to any other clinics? Not to mention that even with the new regulations in place, abortion facilities are typically exempt from standard informed consent rules that apply to, let's say plastic surgeons. And then they tell us that abortions are safe? Yeah, right!

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