Saturday, August 8, 2009

Whose Choice?

Check out this great pro-life essay by Raymond Schaefer:
For the sake of the convenience of the mother who chooses to abort her baby, every choice that child could ever make is taken away.

One thing that almost every person on this earth, rich or poor, has in common is the power to make choices in his or her life, choices between right and wrong, choices about marriage, sex, work, love, money, time, and thousands of decisions great and small. We all make thousands of choices in the course of our lives. We reap the consequences of those choices and we learn lessons from those choices.

All of that is taken away from a child that is killed before it is born.
Millions of Americans believe abortion is murder. If abortion is the taking of a human life, then they are right. So a key question is whether or not abortion is taking a human life.

There is an abundance of evidence that an unborn child is alive. Its genetic makeup and potential are unique and clearly defined at conception. The unborn child grows. It develops a heart beat. It develops brain waves. It develops the ability to move, to kick. It has all the characteristics of a living organism.

Abortions are sometimes performed by injecting a lethal substance into the unborn child's body, causing it to die. When the child dies, the mother's body rejects it. You cannot kill something that is not alive.

And it is human. It is not any other species but human. An unborn child in the womb is therefore a living human being, and killing before it is born for the convenience of the mother is murder.

The main change that occurs when a baby is born is that it gets oxygen from its lungs and food through its mouth instead of through an umbilical cord. But it is just as much alive before it passes through the birth canal as after.
Well said! The essay also touches Roe vs Wade and discusses the importance of reversing that ill-famous court ruling. And Raymond recommends some pro-life books - those are also worthy of reading.

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