Friday, August 14, 2009

FCP — Still The Only Real Conservative Party In Ontario

Yes, there was some hope that once the pervert-kissing Tory is out and a new leader is in, things would be different in the Ontario PC party. We've seen the leadership campaign with the two out of four contestants campaigning to scrap the OHRC and we could look forward for the party to come back to its Conservative roots... Looks like it was too much to expect from a "Progressive"-Conservative party:
The Toronto Star reported today that the Ontario Tories, under their brand new leader, Tim Hudack, are “actively wooing” Toronto Sun city hall columnist Sue-Ann Levy to run as their candidate in a St. Paul’s (Toronto) by-election. The Toronto Star reports: “Jewish and gay – she came out on the Sun’s front page to mark Pride Week in 2007 – Levy lives in the riding, which boasts a thriving Jewish community, with her new wife, Denise Alexander. … Insiders confide Levy is the kind of media-savvy candidate new PC Leader Tim Hudak wants. ‘We’re really excited about Sue-Ann,’ said one senior Tory, who hoped the news would be made official today …”

What kind of token will Hudack throw to the party’s social conservatives to compensate for this move? Maybe the socons are too small a rump for him to care.

Apparently, the renewed Ontario PC party hasn't changed its stand on family values. So what does it stand for? What exactly makes Sue-Ann Levy a perfect OPC candidate, beside her Jewish background and the fact that she is proud of her perverse attraction to another woman? Finally - what about the PC district association in St. Paul's? How do they like the idea of having a parachuted candidate, instead of being able to hold a full-scale nomination vote?

Luckily, Ontario still has the Family Coalition Party; the only pro-life and pro-family political party on the provincial level. The FCP did run a candidate in St. Paul's back in 2007 and they should run one this time. With the OPC preparing to nominate yet another "socially progressive, {sort of} fiscally responsible" candidate (virtually indistinguishable from her Liberal, NDP and Green counterparts,) there will be nobody to fill the void on the right — unless the Family Coalition Party of Ontario runs a candidate to represent the pro-life, pro-family Conservatives in the riding.

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