Thursday, August 13, 2009

Quebec Government Sides With Abortion Lobby

Quebec government backs down on its plans to require abortion facilities to set up separate sterile operating rooms:
Faced with growing opposition and calls for his resignation, Quebec Health and Social Services Minister Yves Bolduc yesterday backed down on plans to impose strict new norms for private abortion clinics in the province as of Sept. 30.

In an interview on RadioCanada, Mr. Bolduc-- after saying on the weekend that the new rules are necessary and a matter of safety -- said he is revising his position. He is now ready to examine the idea of excluding private abortion clinics from the list of clinics covered by Bill 34 adopted last spring.

Bill 34, which was adopted by the national assembly in the spring, says abortion clinics must adhere to the same guidelines as specialized medical clinics that provide such procedures as cataract and knee surgeries.

That means they have to set up separate sterile operating rooms as opposed to simply sterilizing surgical equipment.
Abortion providers consider that requirement to be "excessive". They claim, abortion is a "minor surgery", which is "safe already". After all, no abortion "doctor" has ever died from infection contracted on the job, so why bother?
I see the abortion providers and their variety of useful idiots have provided us with yet another stellar example of how they carry the interest of women’s safety in their hearts. Remember the jingo, “Legal, Safe & Rare”? Well, they got the first one, but the industry really doesn’t care about the other two. Abortions are hardly rare and they never will be, provided they are legal and lucrative. After all, the pressure to abort remains intense on women in today’s culture. And as for abortion being “safe”, that’s the biggest lie going. More women are dying today from LEGAL abortions than they ever did from the back-alley kind. Abortionists are only concerned about the money.

A basic, sterile environment still costs money.

That’s why they are against it. Otherwise, why would they be putting up such a stink about conforming to basic health and safety standards? And why are they not providing such an environment in the first place? It kind of tells you what abortionists think about women’s health. They even tell women where to go if they get emotional...
Poor-choicers often refer to abortion as "reproductive health". The true meaning of abortion however is - no reproduction and no health.

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