Wednesday, August 12, 2009

Secular Quebec Chooses Speedy Death

As if aborting and contracepting itself out of existence isn't enough, vast majority of Quebecers wish to accelerate the process of their own extinction by making euthanasia legal:
MONTREAL, August 11, 2009 ( - An Angus Reid-La Presse poll carried out on August 4 and 5 has found that more than three quarters of Quebecers agree that euthanasia should be legalized in Quebec.

Jaideep Mukerji, Vice President of Public Affairs at Angus Reid Strategies, said he was surprised by the results of the poll of 800 adults in Quebec.

"You'd be surprised how Quebecers are in favor of euthanasia and that their opinion on the subject is clear," Mukerji told La Presse, adding that support for the legalized killing was consistent across most social and economic strata.
Proposing that euthanasia be legalized "as part of appropriate care in certain particular circumstances," the College's task force on ethics concluded that Quebec society was ready for the intentional killing of the terminally ill who are in intense pain (85% of Quebecers in favor), people with an incurable disease (58% of Quebecers in favor), and patients in a coma who have left instructions to be euthanized if reduced to such a condition (86% of Quebecers in favor).
And then they complain that Quebec Francophone culture is being overwhelmed by the English-Canadian and American pop culture, that more "language protection laws" are needed to preserve Quebec's French language and cultural identity... Sorry, you can't have your cake and eat it too:
The Canadian province of Quebec started Canada onto the road to abortion and now it looks like it is going to lead Canada into the next level of death culture - euthanasia. The explanation for this development, however, is not that complicated. Quebecers, once one of the most Christian communities in the world, radically turned their back on God many years ago and so what value does life really have to those who now see only this world as their destiny and purpose.
And they reap what they sow. Their support for abortion back in mid-1970s (including the first PQ government's decision not to enforce Canada's abortion laws in Quebec,) cost them their sovereignty referendum in 1995. But instead of learning their lesson, Quebecers now push for euthanasia. Well, if native Quebecers become a minority in their own land within a generation - they better not complain, because it will be 100% their fault.

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