Friday, August 21, 2009

The Freedom-Lynching Jennifer Went To Dublin To Complain...

J-Ly is begging Canada's layers for help. (Apparently, hinting that they may lose business if the freedom-snatching commissions are abolished.) Here's a great comment from the Blazing Cat Fur:
Jennifer Lynch went to Dublin on your dime to complain that you, the Canadian public hates the Thought Control Stasi she runs - the CHRC. Here we are in a middle of recession and Canada's own Marie Antoinette is off galivanting at huge public expense to complain that we - the ignorant masses, have gone all uppity on her.

Public outrage at Jennifer Lynch's stunt is palpable. This latest outburst isn't the first time J-Ly has displayed her distaste for the Canadians of all political stripes who have expressed their disgust at her efforts to undermine our fundamental rights. Jennifer Lynch is a woman so desperate to retain her position as Canada's Thought Control Czarina, a woman so contemptuous of her critics that she ignored the recommendations of Richard Moon - the man she hand picked to provide her with an expected whitewash report of the odious Section 13(1). Ah but J-Ly's anticipated whitewash didn't go according to plan - Richard Moon did the unexpected, he told the truth - Section 13 (1) is bad law and recommended that the CHRC get out of the thought crime business. J-Ly is now clearly spinning out of control and has become a public embarassment to Canada, her open contempt for her critics reveals her to be an out of touch power mad bureaucrat on a Kamikaze Mission to protect her cushy sinecure.

The freedom-lynching Jennifer wants Canada's academic experts, law school deans, and senior lawyers to speak up in defense of Canada's star chambers. She believes that as "Canada's most trusted sources of information", it will be easier for them to convince Canadians that Orwellian tribunals with "human rights" in their name, actually have something to do with protecting human rights. Well, if those lawyers and academics listen to her pleas and start praising the tribunals that trample our freedom of speech and our right to a fair trial (to say the least) - they'll soon cease to be the "most trusted sources of information", that's for sure.

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