Thursday, August 20, 2009

Is New Brunswick Caving In To Abortionists?

NB government has decided not to appeal the provincial court ruling which grants Morgentaler the right to sue the province over abortion funding. But, they say, the province is ready to fight the lawsuit itself.
The Liberal government will not appeal the New Brunswick Court of Appeal decision that paves the way for Dr. Henry Morgentaler to sue the province to pay for abortions at his Fredericton clinic.

Health Minister Mary Schryer announced on Tuesday afternoon that the province will accept the court's decision that Morgentaler has legal standing to sue the province over abortion funding.
The New Brunswick government had argued he didn't have the right to take the case to court because unlike the women who have abortions at the clinic, he was not directly affected.

In January, after a judge ruled in Morgentaler's favour, the province appealed the decision. In May, three appeal judges also ruled in Morgentaler's favour.

The province could have taken the case to the Supreme Court of Canada but Schryer said in a statement that the government respects the process and the province is ready to fight the lawsuit.

"The legal case will continue to move forward. The position of the province of New Brunswick has not changed in respect to this issue. As the larger legal matter remains before the courts, I will not make further comments," Schryer's statement said.
Too bad the government has chosen not to appeal. A lengthy process could have bought them some more time. And, as a pro-life taxpayer, I'd rather pay an extra $100 to fund the legal defense for fetal rights, than contribute a rusty penny to abortions on demand. Hopefully, the hearing of the law suit itself consumes as much time as it took to decide whether or not Morgentaler can represent the women of New Brunswick. Meanwhile we, the people of New Brunswick, should pressure both provincial political parties to use the non-withstanding clause should the court side with the pro-aborts.

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