Monday, August 24, 2009

They Know - It's A Baby. And They Don't Want To Kill Him.

From the No Apologies news release:
“Most Canadian ob/gyns don’t perform abortions,” reported the Medical Post yesterday. The results were based on a request sent out to 562 ob/gyns to complete an Internet-based survey which generated responses from 170 people (a 30% response rate). Of those 170 ob/gyns, 60.6% said they do not kill babies (”perform abortions”). Why not? Well, 50.5% said it was because of their personal beliefs, much to the dismay of Canada’s pro-abortion activists.

The Quebec researcher, Dr. Caroline Laroche of Saint-Luc Hospital in Montreal, said she found the results “troubling.” She seems to hold out hope that abortion advocacy among medical students might lead to more ob/gyns willing to kill babies, despite the greater access today to the scientific evidence corroborating the humanity of unborn children. The Medical Post reported: “She said there is a need for more dialogue and training for medical students and residents, which may sway those inclined to provide such services to continue to do so.” Interestingly of the eight different reasons respondents gave for not killing unborn babies, the reason which generated the smallest response was “training.” Perhaps Ms. Laroche is grasping at straws.
3 out of 5 ob/gyns know the scientific facts and act accordingly. What about the remaining 2 out of 5? Were they practicing double-think when their college-mates studied fetal development?

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