Saturday, September 19, 2009

Over 100 Quebec Doctors Say No To Euthanasia

Despite the support which bill C-384 has received from the Québec College of Physicians, over one hundred doctors in the province are standing up for the principles of life in a newly drafted document rejecting assisted suicide. The brief, entitled 'Say No to Euthanasia and Assisted Suicide: No Special Circumstance Can Justify Them', was co-authored by Québec physicians Joseph Ayoub, André Bourque, Catherine Ferrier, François Lehmann and Josée Morais and submitted to the provincial college earlier this month:
2. Ending the patient’s life is not a humane solution to tragic situations of pain and suffering: the physician’s duty is always to kill the pain, not the patient. Proposing euthanasia shows a lack of confidence in the progress of medical science. There are no limits imposed on the physician’s means of relieving pain. The means are many, accessible, increasingly sophisticated and constantly developing. In extreme cases, heavy sedation that puts patients to sleep can even be a last resort to sustain them through their suffering, until death takes place from natural causes.
5. Decriminalization of euthanasia and assisted suicide would create unwarranted pressure on the chronically ill, the severely disabled and those who require a lot of assistance or expensive treatments: they could begin to think that they are an undue burden on their loved ones or on society and that they should consider euthanasia or assisted suicide. The possibility of euthanasia would distort social attitudes toward the seriously ill, the disabled and the old.
It's great to hear some common sense voices from Quebec. Too bad that those voices are unlikely to convince any MPs from the party that supposedly acts in Quebec's best interest to vote against the euthanasia bill.

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