Thursday, September 3, 2009

Refugee Status — Whites Need Not Apply?

That's what South African government believes Canada's policy on refugees should be:
A decision by a Canadian immigration tribunal to grant a white South African refugee status on claims he was persecuted because of his skin colour "perpetuate racism," the South African government says.

Last week, the Immigration and Refugee Board of Canada granted refugee status to Brandon Huntley, who claimed he was the victim of numerous attempted robberies and muggings.

According to Huntley, whites in South Africa are often the target of black criminals, and the government has done nothing to intervene. He says he has been unable to find a job in his home country, and has lived in Canada illegally since 2006.

Huntley's lawyer, Russell Kaplan, said tribunal chair William Davis ruled that his client's skin colour would make him stand out in the country like a "sore thumb."

In a written decision, Davis said: "I find that the claimant was a victim because of his race (white South African) rather than a victim of criminality."
Apparently, SA government believes that only white people can be racist, that black people never despise (let alone - assault) anyone just because of his skin color. Somehow they're unable (or unwilling) to notice that their policy during all those post-apartheid years has shifted from truth and reconciliation to "Africa - for Africans"; that their "positive discrimination" laws and "black empowerment" programs which compel corporations to transfer some of their stock to black South Africans, effectively force white South African professionals and businessmen out of the country.

Luckily, they don't have the power to appeal the IRB decision. So Brandon Huntley stays in Canada - much to the dismay of the South Africa's officials as well as all the one-sided "anti-racism" activists out there. Hopefully - the case sets the precedent for other white South Africans that are treated as foreigners in their home country.

Refugee determination system has long served as a backdoor to Canada for various special interest groups. It's time for someone who truly faces persecution, yet is not so lucky to be a member of a designated victim group, to benefit from the program for a change.

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