Wednesday, September 30, 2009

Right Equation For The Wildrose Alliance?

(h/t 'lampshade' user from Free Dominion.) Right on! Danielle Smith is another Belinda Stronach, another Christine Elliot, another poor-choice Libertarian, indifferent to traditional family values, who thinks that a mere belief in low taxes, small government and balanced budgets somehow puts her to the right of the Alberta Tories. Sure, now she says that she is in favor of defunding abortions on demand. But once she's elected - how eager will she be to defund what she believes is a "choice", especially if that may result in alienating the very electorate she is expected to attract?

So, unlike so many of my Conservative friends, I'm not excited about the rumors that as many as ten Alberta Tory MLAs could cross the floor to Wildrose Alliance if Danielle Smith wins. If anything - to me it looks more like a campaign trick - to sway the undecided party members, to convince them that a "broad base appeal" is more important than values. And, just days before the registration deadline, the "broad base" side gets a solid proof that their approach works - just elect a Libertarian woman as a leader - and the Wildrose Alliance will become the official opposition.

But let's not forget - those are just rumors. Plus - you never know who those 10 MLAs are. Maybe those are actually the people that most of the Wildrose Alliance members wouldn't want to represent them... So I hope the party members don't take the bait and I wish the best luck to Mark Dyrholm.


John Collison said...

Do you do any research AT ALL before you post your comments?

Are you simply trolling for traffic by dropping the name of Alberta's hottest political property?

You call yourself a Christian, yet you seem to have no difficulty bearing false witness against Danielle Smith.

Danielle has ALWAYS opposed public funding of abortion.

The only thing more barbaric than abortion is STATE POLICING of abortion.

When women abort fetuses, a life has been taken. When the State polices reproduction, fetuses are STILL aborted, and women are brutalized.

And if the State can regulate a woman's reproductive organs, her body, they can regulate ANYONE's body.

Just because you lack the power to persuade people of the value of life, does not mean you get a free pass to turn to the State to brutalize women, children, and society at large.

I am willing to bet you support the Death Penalty and War. Am I right?

Meanwhile you need to brush up on your political terminology. You don't understand what a "liberal" is, nor do you fully grasp what a Red Tory is. Your drive by smear of Danielle Smith reveals you to be absolutely clueless.

Why not a) stick to having as many kids as you wish (do you have ANY?); b) learn the difference between FEDERAL and PROVINCIAL issues; and c) focus on fixing the economic and political mess you have in Moncton -- its bad enough we in Alberta have to pay to fund your socialist government in New Brunswick, but we don't need lectures from malicious and uninformed wannabe pundits.

Leonard said...

I am aware of the difference between Federal and Provincial jurisdiction, so I don't expect a provincial Premier to legislate personhood for unborn children. But I don't trust a social libertarian that declares herself openly "poor choice" to defund abortions either.

As for "state policing of abortion" and "state regulating reproductive organs" - you better give that a rest. Has it ever occurred to you that the babies who die in abortions, have bodies too? And if you are unable or unwilling to see the difference between the state regulating women's reproductive organs (something that actually happens in China with their population control policies) and establishing legal protection for every person from conception to natural death - then I guess this whole conversation is pointless.

As for Danielle Smith - I wouldn't mind to see her contesting Liberal leadership, but I don't like the prospective of having her as a leader of a party which was established as fiscally and socially Conservative. And I could only feel sorry for the people who took the trouble to collect thousands of signatures, to get the party established, to negotiate a merger with the Alberta Alliance -- just to see the party led by someone who is more Liberal than the NB Liberal Premier Shawn Graham.

Obviously, I can't vote in the leadership contest, because I live in another province. But why do you think I have no right to express my opinion on what the Wildrose Alliance may end up with? Especially in light of the rumors of massive floor-crossing should Danielle Smith win; rumors that will (intentionally or unintentionally) encourage the undecided members (and even some of those that were inclined to support Dryholm) to reconsider and support Danielle Smith.