Tuesday, September 29, 2009

The Cost Of "Saving The Planet"

We know that all those "green" initiatives, aimed to combat "global warming" and "climate change" are nothing but scams. But there's more to it than money.
Hysteria is an amazing tool for controlling a population's behavior. The government knows that if they convince every one how dire the environmental crisis is, people will be willing to pay money they don't have for increased energy costs in order to save the suffering planet.

...Cap and Trade is a lot like Obama's other proposals. It has nothing to do with "saving the planet," and everything to do with controlling your behavior, and adjusting your behavior by putting a leash on your wallet. That, coupled with crippling the U.S. Economy through inflation-inducing fiat money being fed into the system, is a part of the design to destroy capitalism, and force America into a new, socialistic, global government.
Sounds like some sort of a conspiracy theory? Maybe. But it's hard to believe that a government would commit itself to billions in new spending (passing the cost to taxpayers) and force crippling "carbon costs" on businesses (further depleting the tax revenues) merely to address a non-pressing environmental issue, especially when there's no solid proof that the environmental issue in question even exists.

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