Tuesday, September 29, 2009

Will The Pro-Aborts Respond To The Challenge?

Kathryn Sawyer wonders how come not a single pro-abortion speaker is willing to confront Jose Ruba, the co-founder of the Canadian Centre for Bio-Ethical Reform, as the latter plans to address McGill students on sanctity of life issues in early October:
So here is what I don’t understand. Choose Life is hosting a pro-life speaker, Jose Ruba from the Canadian Centre for Bio-Ethical Reform, on campus in early October. The original goal of having a speaker in the first place was to be able to host a formal, civilized, intellectual debate between pro-life and pro-choice speakers. However, and this is what I don’t understand, Choose Life has been entirely unable to find a pro-choice speaker to participate in this debate. If the club is lying, if the club is wrong, here is your chance to prove it! Stand up and formally, publicly, voice your well-reasoned and well-supported pro-choice views in a balanced, moderated space. Like it or not, abortion is still a very controversial topic in Canada. It makes perfect sense that opposing ideas regarding it should be debated in open forum. But the debate cannot happen without a solid, well-informed, and well-spoken pro-choice representative who has the guts to stand up and be heard. I assure you, you and your views will find overwhelming support in the McGill student body.
The answer is quite simple - they just have no arguments against us. Can they disprove scientific facts that life begins at conception, that a baby's heart starts beating just 18 days later, that just weeks after conception, a baby can feel pain, has unique set of fingerprints, can recognize voices...? Of course they can't. All they've got is a bunch of fancy slogans with the word "choice" in them. But if they try to use those slogans in an open debate, or if they try to counter our arguments by claiming that the unborn is merely "a blob of tissue" or that the mother and her baby are "one body" - this will end in a huge embarrassment for the pro-abortion side.

That's why I doubt that there will be a pro-abortion speaker willing to accept the challenge - despite the overwhelming support from the student organization. Instead, the pro-aborts are likely to either try to boycott the event (letting Jose Ruba do his presentation in front of a handful of campus pro-lifers) or, if the audience appears to be large enough to make them feel threatened, the pro-aborts may actually show up - shouting slogans and banging on the walls in an attempt to drown out the speaker and to get the presentation cancelled. Because there's just no other way for them to counter the pro-life message in the public square.

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