Monday, September 14, 2009

Stop Bill C-384

The London, Ontario-based Euthanasia Prevention Coalition has produced a Stop Bill C-384 information package, equipping concerned citizens across the country with key details about the bill and cutting-edge research outlining the worrying implications of legalized euthanasia/assisted suicide in other jurisdictions across the globe. The coalition has also established a Stop Bill C-384 website at
Society cannot legislate autonomy and choice in relation to acts that intentionally and directly cause death. No statutes that allow for intended death can protect vulnerable people from the subtle pressure to “choose” death.

Legalizing euthanasia and/or assisted suicide is always wrong because: It directly and intentionally threatens the lives of the most vulnerable members of society. The lives of people with disabilities and chronic conditions, people who live with depression and mental illness, and others are directly threatened by intended death. It establishes intended death as a treatment option for problems that are properly solved by effective and compassionate medical care. It changes the trust relationship between the medical practitioner and the patient.
While it may seem like the bill C-384 is too controversial to be passed, there are many MPs that intend to vote for the bill. Those MPs oppose euthanasia, but they support assisted suicide; so they look forward for the bill C-384 to go to the committee, which will rewrite it, taking out all the radical provisions and hiding the rest (including assisted suicide) behind fancy words and ambiguous legal rhetoric.

If that happens - the rewritten bill (which will be regarded as a "reasonable compromise" by the moderates and as a "foot in the door" by the pro-death camp) will be virtually impossible to defeat. So we need to act now, we need to petition our MPs, so that bill C-384 doesn't pass the second reading.

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