Thursday, October 22, 2009

Exciting Opportunity to Help Make History!

From the CHP e-mail communique:
Dear CHP Friends,

We need your help and here is why.

Our Leader Jim Hnatiuk, and the CHP, have one of the most exciting opportunities given us in many years. A by-election has been called in the Cumberland-Colchester-Musquodoboit Valley electoral district in Nova Scotia, which is our Leader's home electoral district.

One of the CHP strategies that I have been promoting is that we put all of our efforts and all of our resources into these types of opportunities to try to get someone elected.

One of the things that makes this is a rare opportunity is not only that the former MP, Mr. Bill Casey has resigned his seat in the House of Commons, which means that there is no incumbent, but also that Mr. Casey was elected as an Independent MP, not representing any political party in the last election! He won that election with over 69% of the vote.

The fact that this EDA was willing to elect an independent MP shows that it could also be an EDA that would consider voting for the first ever CHP MP. The voters of Cumberland-Colchester-Musquodoboit Valley are looking for a strong voice to represent them, and our Leader wants to be that voice! What a blessing that would be.

There are only 20 days left in the campaign, so there is an urgent need to do all that we can to make this the best campaign ever. The CHP is putting forward considerable resources in the form of people and finances to help get Jim elected. Our Deputy Leader and Vice President are in Nova Scotia now and others are on their way. Since this election was called, we have not stopped praying for Jim and the efforts being made in this campaign in Nova Scotia.

So now, we are asking for your considerable help. We are asking you to respond by helping in any way you can.

Will you pray?
During election campaigns, we have a prayer e-mail that is being sent out each morning which you can subscribe to if you would like to know what the specific prayer needs are. To receive these e-mails, call the National Office.

Please do! Please join us in praying for Jim Hnatiuk, the CHP, the campaign and team, as well as our government.

Will you help make phone calls?
We are calling all the registered voters in this electoral district (ED), we have a short script for callers to use in our efforts to identify supportive voters. We need people who can make 100 phone calls to ID voter support.

Please do! Please call the campaign office at 1-888-VOTE-CHP if you could give some of your time to help.

Will you give financially?
For the next 10 days Jim is traveling the whole riding in a motor home to meet voters and make contacts. The ED is blanketed in signs. Brochures to introduce Jim and the CHP are being sent to every home in the ED. Radio ads were produced this morning. All this costs a considerable amount of money.

To give you some idea of the $33,000 in expenses expected so far:

Brochures and mailers$6,626.89
To mail them$15,000.00
Radio ads$8,700.00
Motor home rental$1,400.00

And this does not include advertising in the two daily newspapers in the riding, which we must do. And a fourth mailer should be part of the plan, along with more radio ads. So you can see that to win this election there is so much that has to be accomplished in a short time-twenty days.

To buy the air time for the radio, we have to pay in advance, and to mail the brochures, we have to pay Canada Post. The other parties will spend the maximum allowable, which will be approximately $80,000. If we hope to win the election, we must be close.

We are mounting the best campaign our resources will allow, but we could do more, and you can help. Please do!

As I mentioned the need is right now! You can donate by mail or online. Please send whatever you can help! To donate online, simply go to and click on "Donate".

To donate by mail, send your cheque payable to Carlleen Nixon official agent for Jim Hnatiuk-but mail it today. If it comes in late, after the election it cannot be accepted. You can mail it to CHP, 1107 Hwy 2, Lantz, NS, B2S 1M9. But if you mail a cheque, please call us and tell us it is on the way, so that we know the funds are available.

We are asking for you help today. Please do what you can.

If you have any questions or wish to offer your help in any way, please call the campaign office through the toll free number today!

Please join us in working together to get Jim Hnatiuk elected to the House of Commons!

Thank you,
Tom Kroesbergen
National President
Christian Heritage Party of Canada
Simply put - would you prefer a $100 out of pocket expense for the just cause or would you rather have the same $100 of your hard-earned dollars money wasted on ideologically-driven spending, on establishments like the SOW and the CHRC, on bailouts and vote buying, not to mention the mafia-controlled construction companies? I believe the answer is obvious.

Political party contributions of up to $400 a year are eligible for a 75% tax credit. Thus, donating $400 to Jim's campaign will reduce your Federal tax payable by $300. We're just 10 weeks away from the end of the tax year, so, if you file your return early - you'll get that money back in about 4 months.

Another alternative is to pocket the $100 and pay those extra $300 in taxes. How much of that money will be wasted? Program expenses for 2009/10 are expected to hit $241.9B. If however government spending had been capped at inflation+population growth since 1996/97 (when the budget was balanced,) program expenses for 2009/10 would have amounted to "only" $159.3B - that's less than 2/3 of what the government plans to spend this year. Pay extra $300 in taxes - and less than $200 of that amount will be spent on services that are more or less essential. The remaining amount (more than $100) will go towards wasteful spending - as described above. So, once again, what would you prefer - $100 out of pocket towards the just cause or more than $100 of your tax money wasted?

I donated $400. We need 199 more SoCons to do just that, so that Jim could run a fully-funded campaign in Cumberland-Colchester-Musquodoboit Valley.

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