Friday, October 23, 2009

Pro-Abort Defense: "Let Morgentaler Make His Money"

Unfortunately this is not a joke.
Day 26: Evil Speaks

Sunday, October 18. It seemed to be a day when evil spoke. “Thank God for abortion!” was the message someone left on Suzie’s windshield while she prayed at the vigil. Such blasphemy.

“Leave Morgentaler alone, let him make his money!” exclaimed a driver after he’d slowed down to see what we were all about. Such cynicism about human bloodshed.
(From New Brunswick Right To Life e-mail communique)
Yes, the pro-aborts are running out of arguments and they're finally showing their true colors: It has nothing to do with "choice", let alone women's rights (Morgentaler's facility slaughters unborn girls as well as boys;) it's all about money and personal convenience.

Meanwhile, as New Brunswick Right To Life reports in its e-mail releases, over 300 people has taken part in the 40 Days For Life vigil in Fredericton. And, as result - at least one more baby was saved. Maybe more:
A woman approached along the street this morning, getting ready to go in for her scheduled abortion. She later told us that, seeing our signs, she just could not go through with it. She came in our pro-life house and asked to speak to someone. She had a long session with Martha. She has decided to have the baby and is exploring adoption! She cancelled her abortion appointment. Thanks be to the God of life! Please do support her in prayer, if you would. It’s a very difficult situation including medical issues for the mother.

She wasn’t the only one who changed her mind! Two other women entered the “clinic”, apparently for abortions. But they left without having them!
(From New Brunswick Right To Life e-mail communique: Day 28)
So, while the pro-aborts are worried about Morgentaler's profits, devoted pro-lifers not just in Fredericton, but all across North America are doing their best to save lives.

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