Tuesday, October 6, 2009

Pro-Aborts Respond — With Censorship And Threats

About a week ago, Kathryn Sawyer published a letter in McGill Daily, calling on a "pro-choice champion" to come out and confront Jose Ruba at the pro-life presentation on campus. Her appeal was quite reasonable.
If the club is lying, if the club is wrong, here is your chance to prove it! Stand up and formally, publicly, voice your well-reasoned and well-supported pro-choice views in a balanced, moderated space.
But it was quite naive for her to expect such a "poor-choice champion" to confront a pro-life speaker in an open debate. As I suggested in my earlier blog post, pro-aborts simply have no arguments against us. So when the time comes - they'll either boycott the presentation or try to shut it down. They did both:
The Students Society of McGill University (SSMU) voted 25-2-2 to censure an event entitled "Echoes of the Holocaust" at their meeting last Thursday, October 1st. The event, scheduled for tomorrow, October 6th, has been organized by Choose Life, a pro-life club on campus, and will carry on as planned.

The presentation, hosted by a university-sanctioned club, Choose Life, is to be given by Jose Ruba of the Canadian Centre for Bio-Ethical Reform. His presentation, titled, "Echoes of the Holocaust" outlines how societies have justified and perpetuated great atrocities, including the Holocaust and abortion.

Natalie Fohl, president of Choose Life says, "The Holocaust was a major affront to the dignity of the human person, and resulted in a horrific loss of life. Choose Life, through this event, fully recognizes that reality. Moreover, we recognize that abortion is also an affront to the dignity of the human person, and that the denial of personhood to the unborn is unjust and arbitrary."

At the meeting, SSMU Councillors accused Ruba of comparing women who have had abortions to Nazis and therefore violating their Constitution and Equity Policy. The speaker has clearly stated, however, that he does not make this comparison.

Though the students' society cannot directly stop the event, they have promised to punish the club for hosting the presentation. The motion passed was amended to include a resolution that by continuing with the event despite the censure, Choose Life will be automatically ineligible for funding from the SSMU for the remainder of its existence.
Just what I thought would happen. Censorship and intimidation - those are the pro-aborts' only arguments. But you don't win a debate by silencing your opponents.

As for the Choose Life club - I command them for their decision to go along with the presentation despite the threats. And if the "students' society" jackboots actually go ahead and cut their funding - I believe, Choose Life should sue them. After all, if the "students' society" is officially a pro-abortion organization then pro-life students should have the right to opt-out and get their membership dues back. If however the "students' society" is supposed to represent all students, regardless of their views, then they have no right to withhold funds from student clubs just because they disagree with their cause.

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