Saturday, June 26, 2010

Anarchist Riots And Pogroms In Toronto — A Few Quotes

G20 protesters, on the other hand, come here with no other purpose than hell and destruction. My city is under siege, and I am resentful.

I don’t want Obama here in Toronto, but only because I think he’s unqualified to be president - not because I hate America. I don’t want a security fence in my downtown core, but only because I have no patience for anarchists. And I certainly don’t want my civil rights suspended just because I walk in the wrong place at the wrong time - but again, those decisions can be traced back to the anarchists.
Smashing store windows and setting police cars aflame with Molotov cocktails isn't the way to woo us to your 'cause'.

My question: how do you 'anarchists' pass the time in between summits, when the eyes of the world aren't upon you? It must be really boring to be you most of the time.

My other question: by 'anarchists,' you really mean violent thugs, malcontents and degenerates, don't you?
Disgrace. Shame. Obscene. The police demonstrated in Toronto on Saturday that they are simply incapable of keeping the city safe and unwilling to impose law and order. Cruisers set on fire, bricks and stones thrown at will, windows smashed, property destroyed. Why is it that a law-abiding citizen can be stopped on his way to work for fifteen minutes by two or three cops and fined and humiliated because he drove a few miles an hour over some contrived limit or turned left on a empty road that had a cop car hiding but genuine and graphic violence is allowed to occur without challenge?

The police either were not present when rioting was taking place or chose not to act. The rioters were mostly middle-class brats who would run at the first sign of determined resistance but were allowed to have their fun and because of this will repeat the violence over and over again. Police cruisers were abandoned by cops and left to burn – public money going up in smoke of course. There were thousands of armed police present with body armour, weapons and the like. Why, then, was so little done?
Where there's left there's violence. Where there's "social justice" (as they see it) - there's violence. I wish there was a way to force all those organizations responsible for the violence and destruction to foot the bill for all the damage they've caused. And for all the extra security expenses as well...

"Hooligans coddled for too long" — a transcript of Rex Murphy’s Point of View commentary from Sunday’s broadcast of The National on CBC Television.

Canadian Civil Liberties Association hypocrisy astounding re G20 vs. Caledonia — Mark Vandermaas, the founder of Caledonia Victims Project, comments on association's swift reaction to alleged police violence against the self-nominated "anarchist" thugs and compares it to CCLA's absolute lack of concern for the non-native victims in Caledonia. Is there "good violence" and "bad violence"? Or - how could these double standards be explained?

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