Sunday, June 27, 2010

Calgary Pro-Life Group Regains Club Status

They are still fighting the "academic misconduct" charges, brought forward by the university officials, but at least the Campus Pro-Life Club has succeeded in regaining its official club status:
The group's standing at the university was reinstated this week after the Students' Union Club Committee had originally moved to revoke it.

"I'm really happy about it," said Campus Pro-Life Club president Alanna Campbell. "We're planning to continue as normally as we have in the past couple of years with various activities, and we'll put the Genocide Awareness Project in the fall."

The controversial anti-abortion display shows images of dead fetuses and compares abortion to genocide casualties and Holocaust victims.

In recent years, the group was told by university officials to turn the posters inward, but didn't comply.

The dispute led to legal charges, followed by a backlash from free-speech groups that said the university had gone to far in trying to stifle a particular side of the abortion debate.
Way to go Campus Pro-Life! Great job proving yet again that common sense just can't be silenced. Especially if the people devoted to the common sense cause (such as the right to life) ready to go to the court to defend their freedom of speech.

About a month ago, another pro-life group, this one at the University of Victoria, succeeded in getting its club status reinstated. That, too, only happened once the students made it clear that they're ready to go all the way to the court, if that's what it takes to fight the student union tyranny. Again - great job! Hopefully, that shows "student unions" from coast to coast that silencing pro-life groups or imposing ridiculous restrictions - is not the way to win arguments.

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