Sunday, June 13, 2010

As If All That Abuse In The Name Of "Human Rights" Wasn't Enough

...The homosexual lobby and their leftie friends want to enshrine so called "gender identity" and "gender expression" in the "human rights" act.
OTTAWA, Ontario, June 11, 2010 ( - A private members bill seeking to enshrine protections for "transsexuals" and "transgendered" individuals has passed a second reading in the Canadian House of Commons, to the shock of at least one pro-family leader.

The bill is being proposed by NDP Member of Parliament Bill Siksay, and seeks to add "gender identity" and "gender expression" as categories protected against discrimination in the Canadian Human Rights Act. The bill also proposes to add the terms to the Criminal Code to be taken into consideration at sentencing for "hate crimes."
Daniel Petit, parliamentary secretary for the Minister of Justice, said Tuesday that the amendments proposed "are useless and unclear." "Transsexuals are already protected against discrimination based on sex under the Canada Human Rights Act, a federal law," he said, noting that "the courts have upheld the validity of discrimination complaints filed by transsexuals."
Further, because the terms in the bill are not defined, he said, "we cannot be sure of the meaning of 'gender expression' and how it might be interpreted by the Canadian Human Rights Tribunal and the courts."
Well, here's how the socially perverse crowd wants these terms to be interpreted. We've already seen some "human rights" complaints in which those perverts claimed that because of their "gender identity" they should have access to bathrooms, locker rooms and other gender-segregated facilities used by the opposite sex. And, some of the "human rights" jackboots actually agree with them. They actually believe that if a sexually deviant man believes he is a woman - then he should be treated as if he were a woman; that because his belief in himself being a woman is so strong and sincere, his dirty desires outweigh other women's right to privacy, dignity and decency.

So far, such complaints usually fail at one stage or another. The one against the women-only gym was eventually dropped. (Although, it still cost the owner about $100,000 in legal fees.) But if so called "gender identity" and "gender expression" get enshrined into law, then it could become virtually impossible to say no to a pervert seeking access to the opposite sex facilities.

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