Sunday, August 8, 2010

Canadians With Newborn Ordered Off Ward To 'Respect' Muslim Woman's Beliefs

And then they were billed $750 for the "extra convenience".
John Kennedy said he and another man were also forbidden from using the sink in the shared bathroom to dampen cloths so they could clean their babies.

He and his wife and the other couple were moved out of the room on religious grounds that were made clear to him by medical staff on the floor, who said unrelated men are forbidden from being in the room while the Muslim woman was breastfeeding.

Kennedy's wife had an emergency C-section on Nov. 15 and was barely able to move, let alone care for their newborn, as a result of the surgery.

The couple were moved into a private room, where Kennedy could use the sink but the couple were later billed $250 a day by the hospital for the upgrade.
Notice the word "upgrade". That's how the Kingston Whig Standard sees the whole story. The article itself is titled "Expensive upgrade" - as if it was the couple who chose to move to a private room and tried to avoid paying the bill later. But in reality, the couple was asked to move to accommodate another woman's beliefs - which ended up costing them $750. So shouldn't the title read "Expensive accommodation"? Or how about "Expensive humiliation"? Because, a situation in which Canadians, in their home country, are no longer allowed to use maternity wards, bathrooms and other facilities if those are used by Muslims - is nothing but.

Still, judging from the comments, vast majority of the readers didn't fall for the misleading title. They said it plain and clear - political correctness has gone way too far; the bill should have been sent to the Muslim woman instead; if she is the one inconvenienced by the presence of "infidels", she was supposed to upgrade to a private room - at her own expense. And then there's one Jenny B, Canada's model dhimmi who came up with the following rebuttal:
This shouldn't be a religious debate. The issue isn't religion, it's that the hospital made a mistake. Multi-culturalism IS our Canadian culture, and I am proud of that. Would anyone really have a problem with this if the hospital hadn't billed the Kennedy's? Of course not. So let's calm down, stop saying ignorant and hateful things about religious beliefs, and focus on the real issue at hand. Two people have been unfairly billed, and they have every reason to be upset. KGH should be ashamed of the way this has been handled.
Too bad the comments on the story are closed, so I can't explain Jenny B. that multi-cult was merely an item in the Liberal Party policy book some 40 years ago; that, even if it's been enshrined in law and adopted by all other major parties - that still doesn't make it a Canadian value. After all, Canada had been doing perfectly fine without multi-cult for over 100 years and the policy change in the 1960s certainly didn't come out of necessity.

Neither am I able to ask what makes Jenny B. so sure that "of course", nobody would "really have a problem" if the hospital hadn't billed the Kennedys. Judging from the tone of her message, she implies that the extra expenses should have been paid for by the hospital. And who funds the hospitals, may I ask? Santa? Of course, $750 is a drop in the bucket compared to overall costs of multicultural immigration, which amount to over $18 billion a year. But that's hardly a reason to "calm down". Rather, it's an opportunity to re-ignite the debate on the real issue at hand. Which is the costly and socially-destructive policy of so called "multiculturalism".

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