Monday, August 16, 2010

Concerns Over Migrant Ship - A "Mass Hysteria"?

Toronto Star article claims so. And they bring in experts to support this claim. Except that all their "experts" are somewhat... one sided, I would say:
The Star's experts are a crackpot Ryerson hack named Myer Siemiatycki who advocates the vote for non citizens ,Walid Khugali of Jew Baiter Central - The Canadian Arab Federation and Hadayt Nazami an alleged lawyer who has represented George Galloway and a deported Tamil Tiger supporter.

Money quote: “What people don’t understand is that it’s impossible for anyone with a questionable background to get into Canada. If they are not genuine refugees, they will go back. But we have to give them a chance.” Haydat Nazami.
So, a guy who wants non-citizens to be allowed to vote, a guy from an organization of Arabs with Canadian passports (very few of them are actually "Arab Canadians" as they claim to be) and a lawyer who tends to represent all sorts of militants and their supporters. Do the Star editors truly believe that their "expertise" could be credibly unbiased?

Finally, the alleged lawyer asserts that "nobody with a questionable background can get into Canada". If that was true, (and I wish it was,) then how did those 18, accused of bombing plot, get into Canada in the first place? Not to mention the Khadrs and all other radical jihadis who raise funds for terrorists and don't even bother to hide their hatred towards Canada...

But we shouldn't give in to a mass hysteria, should we?

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