Tuesday, August 17, 2010

Pro-Lifer Challenges The Abortion-Funding Tax Regime - And Wins

At least the government chose to stop prosecuting him. They decided to back down, arguing that David Little doesn't have much taxable income anyway, so it would be easier (and cheaper) to drop the case than let it go all the way to the Supreme Court.
Keith Ward, the federal prosecutor, said he decided to stay the charges so that federal funds could be used on more important issues. "It's for reasons of economy," he told the Daily Gleaner. "He was essentially going to run the same defence ... He can easily manipulate the system all the way up to the Supreme Court of Canada level."

Ward also noted that Little has basically no taxable income.

Little, now a resident in Prince Edward Island, was convicted in 2007 by the New Brunswick provincial court, after Revenue Canada ordered him to file his 2000-2002 returns in 2003.
Representing himself, Little has argued that the Income Tax Act violates his freedom of conscience and religion by requiring him to fund a morally evil act.

He has been supported by Bishop Faber MacDonald, emeritus bishop for Saint John, who believes Little is justified in not paying his taxes as a conscientious objector to an unjust law.
So, while the government didn't recognize David's right to conscious objection, they made it obvious that they won't be too hard on those who refuse to file their tax return for that reason, especially if their taxable income is negligent. Which is great news for those who have the courage to openly take a stand against all levels of governments that use our tax dollars to fund abortions on demand.

P.S. Yes, I know, you can easily avoid paying income taxes by merely maxing out every possible tax credit. (And there are more than enough of them available so that anyone making up to $30,000 or so could easily reduce their taxes to 0.) And, obviously, because of the sales taxes, you just can't prevent your money from ending up in the government coffers, from which it goes towards anything the government chooses to subsidize - including abortions on demand. But for David, what matters is taking a stand against government policy to fund the wholesales slaughter of innocent unborn babies with taxpayers' money. He took the stand and won.


Suzanne said...

If he has little taxable income, is this really a victory?

Leonard said...

Yes. Instead of trying to max out his tax credits to reduce the amount payable to zero, David made it clear, that he's not playing these games, period. And, after so many years of fighting, the government let go - ok, we'll allow you not to participate. Even if tomorrow David's income increases, it would still be quite hard for the government to go after him, after they've chosen to let go once.

Yes, from the fiscal prospective it's a symbolical gesture (especially since we have the sales taxes which nobody can avoid). But as we know, even symbolical gestures (like refusing to yield your seat, or to file your tax return,) could lead to great victories.

Lou Iacobe;; said...

Hi Leonard,
Full credit to David Little for standing up to the government. Why are we forced to pay for abortion, an elective prcedure which kills the unborn, with our tax money? If more of us had the courage to do what David did, it would force those that govern to see that we mean business. And for Suzannne, victories come one vote at a time.
Politicians will listen to votes and money. No human law is ever written in stone. There's always hope for true change.
Thank you,

Lou Iacobe;; said...

Hi Leonard,

Could you please correct the spelling of my last name in the comment I sent.
Thank you,
Lou Iacobelli

Leonard said...

Actually, the error appears to be on your Google / Blogger profile. You have to correct it there.