Thursday, August 19, 2010

CHP On "Refugee" Boats — What Is To Be Done?

A few simple and workable common sense solution to the refugee boat issue that no government is likely to dare to implement. If anything, the opposition parties won't even be willing to consider these options:
So what is to be done?
  • The Christian Heritage Party clearly supports the rule of law. We need to send a clear signal to human smugglers and those who partner with them that we will not tolerate the bringing of human cargo to our shore. A CHP government would arrest the captains of such ships and seize their proceeds and assets to send a message that this is not the way to enter Canada.

  • Any “refugees” (at any stage of process or review) discovered to have ties to the Tamil Tigers (or other organizations prohibited in Canada) will be sent back to their country of origin, regardless of consequence.

  • Canada needs to determine very quickly whether the claims of refugee status are legitimate or bogus. If they are not in imminent danger of reprisals and death in the last country they were in before boarding a boat for Canada, they MUST be returned to that country immediately. Lengthy hearings and investigations are wearisome, costly and create false hope for those in question. They also encourage others around the world to attempt immigration under the guise of a refugee claim.

  • Make clear to genuine refugees that they leave their political problems behind in their home countries. They should not use the freedom of our society to try to resolve past and future conflicts elsewhere. To do so risks their status in our country and society. Work through international agencies to promote an agreement on what constitutes human smuggling and the penalties attached to that.

  • Teach future citizens of Canada that freedom of religion is a value we hold dear but we will not tolerate setting up organizations which seek to support and foment foreign conflicts. Neither do we want them to promote other ideologies harmful to Canada. Their first loyalty should now be to Canada and all the values that it has traditionally stood for.
“Charity begins at home” runs the adage. Misguided compassion for those who recognize Canada as a land of opportunity and freedom must not cloud our judgment or impede our willingness to protect Canada’s citizens from lawbreakers and smugglers. We have borders and a responsibility to defend them. Immigrants who follow Canadian protocols are welcome to apply and legitimate refugees deserve our compassion. Those who violate our laws or use deception to gain access must be sent back.
That leaves only one question - how come we have the internazi-sozis of all stripes holding a majority in the Parliament, (even the governing Conservative party has more than enough of them disguised as "moderates",) while the only political party that proposes true common sense solutions can't even win 100,000 votes?

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