Friday, August 20, 2010

Is A Child Ever Unwanted?

Everyone is wanted by someone
Here in New Brunswick, couples wishing to adopt a baby, have to spend years on waiting lists. Or - they have to go overseas and adopt a child there; the latter costs them thousands of dollars that they could otherwise put towards the baby's education, dental care and many other much needed yet costly things the baby might need... And, at the same time, each year we have about 1000 babies getting slaughtered before they get a chance to see daylight. And we have a bunch of pro-aborts demanding more "abortion access", as if 1000 slaughtered babies a year (400 of them - at government expense) were not enough...

Let's remember that while there are unwanted pregnancies, there are no unwanted babies. And if we're talking about choice - let's remember that there's also a humane choice, which is - adoption.

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