Sunday, August 1, 2010

Mary Wagner, Pro-Life Heroine From Nanaimo, Released From Prison

She's been set free, acquitted of mischief charges. But Mary still had to spend 4 months behind bars for merely trying to witness to clients of a Toronto abortion mill. Once again we see that the police actually has no legal grounds to prosecute pro-lifers who approach women outside abortion facilities. And again we see that the process is the punishment.

No matter how unsustainable the "bubble zone" regulations are, they are used as an excuse to detain pro-lifers, which are then offered a choice - to give up street counseling or to stay behind bars until the charges against them are quashed. Both Mary and Linda chose not to give in, even if it meant staying in jail for months without trial.
Four months ago Wagner pleaded not guilty when charged this time with mischief.

What she had done was to stand in the third floor hallway of an office building in Toronto, outside the door of the Choice in Health abortion clinic, and try to engage clinic customers on their way in or out.

“I was standing in a public place, the hallway of a public building, and the judge ruled on Wednesday that it is not mischief to engage people in dialogue,” she said.
After charging her, police offered to release her if she would sign a promise to stay away from the Choice in Health abortuary. The judge repeated the offer, but she declined both.

“How could I promise to not defend my own brothers and sisters who are defenseless?” she asked.

In jail she briefly met with fellow pro-life activist Linda Gibbons. “We only met for a few moments — I think they were deliberately keeping us separated — but it was a moment of great joy,” she said.
Apparently, for Ontario police and prison guards, "to serve and protect" means to serve the abortion industry, protecting them from devoted courageous people, who'd rather suffer the injustice themselves than turn a blind eye to an injustice done to unborn babies.

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