Monday, August 2, 2010

National Post on Linda Gibbons, Canada's Prisoner Of Conscience

The National Post came up with a detailed (and quite a balanced) report on Linda Gibbons and her struggle against a "temporary" (16 year-old) injunction which prohibit peaceful prayer and sidewalk counseling on public property outside abortion facilities. The author, Charles Lewis, outlines all the facts and opinions, leaving it to us to decide whether one woman's 16-year protest is a case of harassment or free speech:
One of Canada’s longest-serving anti-abortion protesters no longer thinks of being locked up as anything out of the ordinary.

Since Aug. 30, 1994, when a temporary injunction was placed around several abortion clinics in downtown Toronto at the request of the provincial Attorney-General, Ms. Gibbons has been arrested roughly 20 times and has been behind bars eight of the past 16 years — more time than Karla Homolka.

She served an earlier six-month stint for a protest in front of a Morgentaler clinic in 1992.

Her most recent stint behind bars began in January 2009. Instead of standing back the required distance from a clinic as her fellow protesters had done for years, she once again walked within the forbidden bubble zone.

She held up a sign that showed a drawing of a baby that read: “Why Mom, when I have so much life to give?”
The National Post also researches the history of the "temporary" injunction which is used as an excuse to keep Linda and other devoted pro-lifers behind bars. The officials claim that this is supposed to protect abortion providers from violence; their major excuse is apparently the arson attack on one of the abortion mills back in 1992. Well, judge for yourself, whether such threat justifies banning peaceful prayers and sidewalk counseling; and - whether banning picketing has ever been efficient in stopping those who come with a clear intention to damage the place.

If Canada as we know it survives this Trudeaupean social experiment, if it remains a nation founded upon Christian values in spite of all the "progressives" and "multi-culties" out there, Linda Gibbons will be known as the Rosa Parks of the pro-life movement.

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GBANKER said...

Why do Ontario people or for that matter any Canadian put up with this nonsense? There should be no such thing as a "bubble" on public property. Peaceful protests on any public property should be a public right and no court should be allowed to say otherwise. It is time the people took their own actions. All supporters should take turns standing in the so called bubble. They can't arrest everyone because the province is probably broke like the rest of the country and can't afford it. Stand up for what you believe in people.