Thursday, August 5, 2010

Polls: No Quebec Consensus On Abortion; Most Canadians Unaware Of The Status-Quo

In spite of the pro-abortion motion, which was recently passed by their National Assembly, there's no consensus on abortion in Quebec:
QUEBEC, August 4, 2010 ( – A new abortion poll seems to belie the supposed “consensus” of Quebeckers in favor of state-funded abortion-on-demand, suggesting that much of the populace considers the debate far from closed.

A nationwide Angus Reid poll released Tuesday found that 38% of Quebec respondents agreed that a debate on abortion is long overdue. That figure was the highest of all the provinces, with Alberta coming in at 33%. Meanwhile, nearly half (49%) of Quebeckers said that they do not want the debate, which was the lowest percentage among the provinces, tied with Alberta.

Additionally, the poll revealed a plurality of opinion on the public funding of abortions. While 49 per cent of Quebeckers thought all abortions should be funded, 38 per cent said they should be funded only in “medical emergencies” and 9 percent said they should not be funded at all.

Nationwide, the poll found that only 21 percent of Canadians are aware that the country currently lacks any legal restrictions on abortion. When informed, 67 percent do not support that status quo.
Yes only 21% of Canadians know that Canada has no abortion law whatsoever. The common perception is that abortions are only allowed during the first trimester and some believe that even then a woman might need some sort of doctor's note to be legally permitted to abort her baby. No wonder the pro-aborts fight tooth and nail to block the debate on abortion. The more people are aware of what the status quo on abortion truly is, the less supporters they'll have.


Lou Iacobelli said...

For far too long in Canada, we have had no legal restrictions whatsoever on abortions. But this was not always the case. Remember that it was just in 1989 that in Nova Scotia, Henry Morgentaler was charged with seven counts of performing unlawful abortions. Again in 1969, Morgentaler illegally opened the first abourtuary in Montreal. And in 1988, the Supreme Court of Canada struck down Canada's abortion law. This is why currently Canada has no regulations on abortion. Then in 1991 that same court ruled that even if a child’s head is out of the birth canal, you can still legally kill the baby and because it's not a "person" and so nobody can be charged or held accountable.

Abortion law in Canada today promotes a culture of death. We are heading for a demographic winter. But no law good or bad, just or unjust is ever enacted forever. This is why we longer approve of slavery. As citizens when we recognize that our laws no longer promote and defend life, then we must do all we can to amend and abolish them. Laws must reflect the true spirit of the people.
This is why we should support Roxanne's Law, Bill-510 tabled by MP, Rod Bruinooge and currently before the House of Commons. If passed and we hope that it does, it could be the beginning of a change for the better in Canada for all mothers-to-be and children-to-be. Roxanne was killed because she would not abort her child. Her child's soul and the souls of all aborted babies are counting on us to do what is necessary to bring to an end Canada's culture of death. Let's begin by supporting Roxanne's Law. Let your MP and the Prime Minister know that you stand for life.
Lou Iacobelli

Leonard said...

Abortion law... or lack thereof to be precise.