Monday, September 6, 2010

CBC's Double Standards Exposed Again

Violence in the name of a different cause, receives different coverage:
In their Wednesday night coverage of James J. Lee’s enviro-terrorism at the Discovery Communications building in Silver Springs, Maryland, The National failed to mention Lee’s environmental motivations and wrapped up the piece in 45 seconds.

“Imagine how differently they’d treat it if Lee was an anti-abortion extremist instead,” commented Jim Hughes, National President of Campaign Life Coalition.

When abortionist Dr. Bernard Slepian was killed in Buffalo by an anti-abortion extremist, The National carried a nine-minute segment detailing the incident and past instances of violence against abortionists.
In a manifesto published online, Lee had called on the Discovery Channel and TLC to "stop all shows glorifying human birthing." He demanded that they feature shows discouraging the overpopulation of "parasitic human infants" to save the earth from global warming and pollution.

The CBC report described Lee as “a man who has railed against the Discovery Channel’s programming for years,” but offered no explanation of his objections to the programming. CTV News, on the other hand, described him as an “environmental activist”.
So, "a man has been rallying against the Discovery channel for years" and the CBC couldn't (or didn't bother to) figure out what his rallying was all about. Could they be so ignorant and incompetent or are they just pretending not to notice the obvious, in order to avoid portraying an environmentalist in a negative light? If they are ignorant or incompetent - then they don't deserve to be Canada's national broadcaster. If however they just didn't want the environmentalist movement to look bad - then they are obviously playing favorites - and then again, they don't deserve to be Canada's taxpayer-funded national broadcaster.

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