Tuesday, September 7, 2010

Pastor Joshua (Kulendran Mayandy) Passed Away

Instead of trying to save his life, the hospital wanted him dead - and they got him dead, one way or the other:
Yesterday afternoon (September 6), Pastor Joshua (Kulendran Mayandy) passed away at the Brampton (Ontario) Civic Hospital.
Joshua had fluids and nutrition withheld from him based on a cognitive disability that was caused by a heart attack, where he stopped breathing for several minutes.

Joshua was left without IV fluids, nutrition and medication from August 17 until the SDM agreed to have him fed orally on August 28 by a nurse from his Church. At that time, Joshua was not otherwise dying.

Last week Joshua had a seizure, making it impossible to continue feeding him orally.

You need to protect yourself.
That says it all. Pastor Joshua's case is not the only act of euthanasia that took place on Canadian soil. According to GaƩtan Barrette, president of the Federation of Quebec Medical Specialists (FMSQ), euthanasia is already being practiced in the Quebec hospitals. Now, Quebec is conducting public hearings on euthanasia. And they already consider the options such as imitating British Columbia's "selective" attitude to prosecution of assisted suicide cases or - directing the provincial Crown prosecutors not to lay charges against doctors who end the lives of the terminally ill, elderly or profoundly disabled. Thus, any one of us could end up in pastor Joshua's situation.

The Euthanasia Prevention Coalition offers life-protecting Power of Attorney for Personal Care forms, to protect people from being dehydrated to death or denied basic care. But that's obviously - a short-term solution. After all, as we've seen, if the hospital (or anyone else who considers you to be a burden,) really wants to get rid of you - they will. We need to redouble our efforts to stop euthanasia once and for all. Together with the Euthanasia Prevention Coalition, Life Canada, Living With Dignity and all other pro-life organizations, we must do everything possible to ensure that intentional killing of the elderly and disabled does not become the new "norm".

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