Thursday, September 9, 2010

Pro-Aborts Hire Thugs To Harass Protesters

The folks at the abortion facilities must be getting really desperate.
Demonic screaming and moaning, groping, and other forms of psycho-terrorism against pro-lifers from abortionist Christian Fiala's paid employees have been documented on video since at least 2007, and published by the Catholic Web site Footage shows the attackers sexually assaulting pro-lifers, including undoing a man's zipper, pushing a wooden object into a woman's crotch, and other disturbing behavior.

Fiala has admitted, in an interview with the Austrian weekly newspaper Falter, to hiring the thugs himself to harass the "religious activists."
The most recent videos show two men, who were video-taped in a huddle with the abortionist, poking a pro-lifer with the points of an umbrella, pushing him towards the street, cutting up his rosary, tearing away pro-life fliers, and even stealing his wallet. The videos clearly show one of the attackers kicking the pro-lifer, who cries out in pain, in the leg. In June 2009 the pro-lifer's finger was bloodied after he was attacked with a pair of scissors.
Apparently there aren't that many young pro-abort volunteers to stage a counter-protest. Which is quite understandable - after all, choices have consequences, including the "choice" to abort and contracept the next generation out of existence. So the pro-aborts have no choice, but to hide behind their goons and gag laws. Because, without goons, there's no way for them to win an argument. Especially when it comes to arguing with those who once fell for their lies?

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Grannie said...

Can we please now label these PSYCHOS as "Christophobics" or "Catholiphobes? Move over, gay activists. There are officially now more documented assaults on pro-lifers. Not that I'm keeping score.